For businesses and organisations we offer sponsorship packages of all different sizes, including more long-term sponsorship arrangements.

With one of our seven film prizes, you could support one of our queer filmmakers and increase your own visibility. Or you could contribute to travel costs, subtitling, and events like the opening night, just as these sponsors down below have done in the past.

If you are considering sponsorship, whether financial or otherwise, we would love to discuss the opportunities with you:




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Advertising in the Festival Brochure

There’s also the classic route! You can advertise in our festival brochure. This little booklet, of which 25,000 copies are distributed throughout Hamburg and the surrounding areas, is a must-have for every Queer Film Festival participant. It is browsed in, scribbled on, circled and selected, and every advertisement is looked upon favourably.

If you are interested in advertising in our brochure, please contact us at:


Details and statistics are available under "Information for Media". You can find the festival brochure on our website, in our newsletter and on our social media. If you’d like to browse one of the festival brochures from previous years, you can download the brochure from 2017 here:

Festival Broschure 2017 >>


As an individual you are more than welcome in the

Push-up Club >>