Needs translation: Das Team 2020

The team in 2020

This year we met in video conferences to plan the film days. Like everyone else and everywhere, probably ...





Needs translation: Kreatives Chaos auf dem Sitzungstisch bei der Teamsitzung.

The festival team – planning, designing and networking


The Hamburg International Queer Film Festival is organised by a largely voluntary team of eight to twelve people. All essential decisions are taken by the team together. The annual cycle of the festival begins with a conceptional weekend in January. Then, it’s off to the Berlinale to select the first films. The team meets every two weeks during this period, and weekly from May onwards, in order to discuss and design the look of the festival in October, and to decide how to make it all happen! And of course, there’s always something that pops up and needs organising.



Needs translation: Der Programmplan wird gefüllt.

The icing on the cake – helping shape the festival's programme


During this time, the programme committee also meets weekly to view and discuss by turns short and feature-length films. This is when the festival programme is developed, ideas for the design of the programme booklet brainstormed, and the selection of guests for the different film events made.

Needs translation: Team Schatten auf Leinwand

Do you want to take part?

Many former team members remain in contact after ending active involvement, continuing to help current team members where possible. Nevertheless, the team almost always feels as if it’s operating at the limit of its capacities – a not uncommon aspect of working in voluntary projects.

Would you like to get involved? Read more here!

We look forward to having you on the team!